Sweet Maggie Pantry – Day negative 1

of course I cannot sleep – well, I have slept but now I am awake.  The fridge has 2-3 pounds of peeled garlic that needs attention, it is 2:30 in the morning. Shall I just deal with it?

Yes, it is done, bless the machines.  the garlic was rinsed, run through peroxide, rinsed twice, and then run through a slicing machine.  currently it is outside in an Excalabur dehydrator.  There is NO-WAY I am dehydrating either garlic or onion inside the house – we can clense in other ways, the garlic energy is something that isn’t necessary!  in 18 hours we will have more garlic to stuff into canning jars, and no enormous garlic smells filling the house……..

3:53 AM.  Another sleep time coming.  Menopause, it should be called sleepopause….



Starting Early – Sweet Maggie Pantry – Day negative 2

We have yet to begin, yet I am choosing to begin.  To practise.  To use up the last of the Christmas food remainders.  The Plan today is to dye #1 Daughter’s hair, wash another 3 loads of laundry and dishes, move the roosters, and take a gander at the fridges.
Number 1 son and New Daughter have gone away for a while, Number 1 will return for more farm projects in around a week.  Meanwhile, we are officially still on holiday (so I am only working 4 hours a day), and there is time to plan some meals……lots in the basement

Partially I need to figure out how to edit posts, so this is a first try, more to come when I get going.

Roosters moved, #1 Daughter hair all getting bleachy like…  now, what is in the fridge?

Oh, last of the turkey.  Make some pseudo Pizza Pockets for #2 son’s lunch – some yeasty dough and a bit of time, cheese, spices… done and done.  Ran out of the original turky mix of cheese and turkey and chili – finished up with pot-pie filling.  yum.  almost all of them in the freezer ready to re-heat for school lunches…