Jan 30th – Chicken, leftovers


Early (really early) on the morning of the 30th I got up, as usual (don’t ask me about sleeping patterns, it is a mess).  I pulled out a rooster from our recent freezer camp experience, added some onion and garlic into the crockpot, a bit of water and put it on high.  the roo wasn’t really fitting, the lid was skewed, however several hours later I was able to chop the legs and nestle the whole thing in.  I just ( 6 hours later ) have pulled out the chicken and the broth, letting the chicken cool and i will shred it for a taco supper.

** Update ***  I pulled the chicken apart but didn’t shred yet, put it back into a stewpot with the crockpot broth, and put it back on the stove for a while.  it wasn’t really shreddy yet.  Took all the bone bits and skin bits and filled another smaller pot with those plus water, and put it on to boil for more broth.   Then went for a nap.  someone turned it off after an hour (thank you timer) and I have turned it back on.  it is a long slow cooking day.  House has amazing chicken smells throughout.  ****

For dinner on the 29th we had leftover broccoli and cauliflower (and new stuff, too) as well as our carrots.  heated up some leftover macaroni, Miz M. wouldn’t let me share that with the chickens.  #2 son helped me tto prepare some leftover potatoes – we pulled out their innards, mixed with mayo and cheese (Including cheddar and leftover parmesan from yesterday)  and re-stuffed them, sprinkled with cheese then baked them.   They were delicious.  cheese and potatoes, yummy!   The chicken legs from the 28th were torn apart and re=heated some of us had them on the potatoes and some had separate, and of course I brought out the sunflower seeds because they are awesome on potatoes and chicken.

on the 28th I had pulled some chicken drumsticks out of the freezer, and scrubbed some of our roasting potatoes.  we had roasted chicken, baked potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower and carrots (our own carrots), and the last of the romaine lettuce in a salad.  I have been watching the sales for salad dressings so we had a nice caesar with the romaine.  and some grated parmesan

feeling good about what we are eating out of the freezer and pantry.  Still using fresh veggies from the grocery as well as our own supplies.   each meal using our own protein or veggies is a great thing.  I intend to have all of the canning jars empty by July… HA



Jan 27 – what have we been eating

let’s see.

On the 23rd, after baking the bread, I started a dough for pizza.   our Lofties were coming over to discuss the farm work, so I dug around for ingredients then headed to the Old Farm Market for veggies.  We have some stuff but I am craving fresh veggies.  I snagged some mushrooms and some yellow peppers (cheaper by far than the red or green), a cabbage, and some citrus (orange and grapefruit).  stopped by Scoops to replace our almond supply – however they are very expensive so I only picked up a few.

Came home, started the pizza dough, opened a can of tomato, onion and celery sauce (note to self, make much more of this mix, I use it a LOT), a can of Rotel (homemade – spicier than plain tomato sauce, adds flavour) and in the end a small can of plain tomato sauce, plus some oregano, and garlic powder, and something else that I forget (you know, pizza flavours) and put them all into my jam pot that is so good for reducing, then put a spatter guard on top and let it go for close to an hour.  I ended up with a nice thick flavourful sauce for the pizzas.

Loft Girl brought over some salami, and Mr. P brought up some of his home cured meat, I opened a jar of artichoke hearts, and everyone made their own pizzas..  We had a super meeting, too!.

Monday Jan 24 – I was craving chinese, but our local chinese place is both expensive and not so tasty – however, they do have ‘OK’  almond chicken and (sigh) Sweet and sour Chicken Balls.  SO, I chopped up some chow mein veggies – onions, carrots and cabbage, boiled up some noodles, and got the chow mein ready to assemble, then ran off for the greasy stuff.  we had a super supper of some takeout but much better home-made chow mein

Monday Jan 25 was easy – leftover pizza, and all the other leftovers were pulled out too.  Potatoes, squash, etc.  Mr. P had a plate of Veggies, Maggie and I dealt with pizza.  I am tired of having so many leftovers, thank heavens for the chickens

Tuesday Jan 26 – time to cook.  I put together a casserole of homemade Mac and Cheese, and cut up some broccoli and cauliflower.  Mr. P. prepared some of our lovely carrots (they need a bit of attention, there are a lot in the fridge) and when the M&C was ready I cooked up the veggies.  Everyone had a nice feast

Wednesday -Jan 27 – thank heavens for more leftovers but healthy ones.  Almost all of the Mac and Cheese got eaten, we finished the leftover broccoli and cauliflower and carrots, and we all had a big salad of some romaine hearts that have been staring at me each time I open the fridge.

Leftovers still won, but are now in the chicken pile.  we have some lovely fresh veggies (winter types – cabbage and broccoli and cauliflower and carrots and onions, as well as squash and potatoes (white and sweet)) – to plan around, and are going to do a bit more work on the calendar and freezers so we have plans each week to use a bit of this and a bit of that…..



Jan 23 – bread and maybe pizza

went to bed early last night, up in the middle of the night.
I have had a starting of bread dough since Tuesday sitting on the counter – it has been ignored for days.
During the night, when I was awake, I decided to do something with it rather than let it go bad. So I took it and made some updated batches – essentially, I made more bread with 3/4 of the ‘start’ coming  from the older dough.  I added some yeast and sweet.  I set it in bowls to rise, and I went to bed.  at 7 this morning I shaped 5 loaves.  left them to rise for a LONG time ( clearly an hour isn’t enough).
I am experimenting –
I put 3 of them into a cold oven and turned the oven on — 2o minutes later I have added the 2 that were in waiting.

which loaf will have more spring/rise?  Whatever, it will have lots of flavour.
I started the oven at 425, then turned it down with the new loaves to 350.  I am looking in multiple bread books…..   and enjoying the scents of baking bread in my house!  more pantry food.  the bread is a generic/wholistic mix.  kind of the 5 minutes a day, yet I added whole wheat flour that I had ground, oatmeal, millet, sunflower seeds, cornmeal – some yogurt and molasses, and a few other bits and bobs.  Bread should be creatively refridgerator clearing….


Now, I need to get #1 Daughter to clean up the various pots and pans so we can start Pizza dough for tonight’s supper – best to premake, let rise and cool, then we can take the time to make sauce and prepare fillings.  Nothing else on the agenda.  GREAT day.


Jan 20 to 22 – mix and match

More leftover rice and such on the 20th.  much appreciated, we all have colds so simple food appeals.

21 I cooked up a tortierre that was one of the 3 we had made for Christmas eve.  Mr. P. was up visiting his son, but neighbour/tenant Michael joined us.  Simple ,simple dinner – tortierre and cabbage salad.  Veggies are so expensive but a cabbage salad is both simple and tasty.  Used up some Eggplant pickle on the tortierre (triple yum).   Sent home a plate worth of dinner for Miz Chelsea, Michael’s wife, who was working this night.  Feels good to share a delicious meal and know that the leftovers are being reduced.

Michael came over earlier on Thursday to borrow a pot – they had purchased 20 dollars worth of a pork leg ( – 10 kilos excellent deal ).  Their plan was to make it all into pulled pork.  I sat him down to watch some Scott Rea Youtube Butchery videos, and he got inspired.  I told him that we had a supper he could join, so he headed home, did some cutting, put it in the fridge and came to eat.  After supper Michael came back with a roast and some chops.  Neither of us know how to tie butcher knots, but Scott Rea on the internet has directions.   We had a riot watching the youtube machine figuring out how to tie a roast (Maggie provided some sad stuffies who were seriously trussed up, for a while).  We yelled at youtube and tried and tried and tried, but got it figured out.
When we were done, instead of 10 kilos of pulled pork, my tenants will have some pulled pork to freeze for later,  but also pork cutlets, and pork for kebabs, and a huge pork roast for a dinner party.  It just feels so righteous to learn how to properly prepare meat!!!

I may not eat pork, but butchery is more and more interesting to me – waste-not-want not.

22rd – Friday.

Very weary as it has been a long long week.  2 new employees, some furniture and space resetting, getting the heating to work at work.  Glad it is friday.  It has been an excellent week, and I am out of energy to deal with things…

I pulled out the leftover cabbage salad and ‘sides’ (things that are best not put into the salad if we plan to save over a few days).  then I  boiled a pot for noodles.  got a chow mein ready to finish, then ran to the local (not so great) chinese food restaurant for chicken fried things.  We have learned that their chow mein is both expensive and lousy.

I can make a better chow mein for 1/4 the price, and we know what is in it, so I simply buy what is harder to make (the deep fried decadent stuff….).  the three of us did enjoy a simple Chinese supper at a lower price, with leftovers for my midnight snacking or mid-day lunch.

middle of the night on the 23rd – after an early sleep for 5 hours, I am up again.  I have some old bread dough that has been ignored, so have done some research and will try to revitalize it – start a new yeast sponge, add some old dough and some flour, let it rise and bake tomorrow morning.  who knows, it might be sour and delicious?

Jan 19th – Fried Rice leftovers

Training two new people at work and still trying to get my job done (and their jobs, too, while they learn how to do them….).  Early start, late end.  Came home to some leftover rice and leftover chicken – so chopped onion, celery, carrots, some sad mushrooms, a bit of cabbage, half a green pepper.  Sauted the veggies then flipped in the rice and shredded chicken.  simple stirfy rice – easy on the tummy, dealing with the leftovers.

The dog got the remainder of the chicken.  the kids cleaned the kitchen up really well, and I have a pint jar of stirfry for my lunch today.  yum


Jan 18th. tired day

I ordered Dinner.
Pablo is making it.  smells good.  Our own Squash, chard, chicken, (bleah – rabbit), some rice….

Having a really talented cook as a partner, who knows how busy and stressful the last week has been, is a blessing….

Jan 17 (how time flies)

hmm, what have we eaten between the 11th and now?  Guess I better take better records….

Let’s see.    Tonight the 17th was leftover Bunny for Pablo, and oven roasted potato slices, and carrots.  and Maggie and I ate leftover mashed potatoes and gravy.  Nick and I ate leftover sausage.  The salad of sliced cabbage is ready for the chickens.  There is a cold running through the house so we all have small appetites.  More potatoes for tomorrow….

Saturday the 16th Pablo created a Bunny dish, which they (our tenant husband guest and his friend and Nick) ate alongside sliced rosemary potatoes.  Maggie and I don’t eat bunny and we both were feeling very cold-ie, so I had some potatoes and leftover cabbage carrot salad.  Mag’s had leftover picadillo from my girlfriend, and our guests also assisted in reducing the supply of picadillo.  (sigh, leftovers).  I have found that making the cabbage and carrot salad ahead of time without dressing it means we have it for longer.  I also made that lovely yeasty salad dressing mix from my friend REnnie … yum

15  Friday  everyone fended for themselves – likely meaning crackers for the kids.

14 Thursday  We had homemade sausages, carrots, gravy, mashed potatoes.  Maggie is not a fan of the sausages, they are too spicy, but she loves the gravy and potatoes.

13 Wednesday my friend Evid came by and Made us Picadillo – a dish using only what we had on hand, beans, frozen corn, tomatoes (canned), spices and herbs, raisens, green olives, almonds.   we ate it with homemade bread and butter.  YUM  Pablo ate a lot of salad.

12  I made bread.  Maggie had veggie soup.and I cannot remember what else we had on the menu.  Silly, that…..