Feb 4th early morning

Oh, dear, I have Got to stop emulating my lovely Aunti, who apparently also wakes in the middle of the night..it just is difficult to sleep through a night.  At least I feel better knowing that she gets up for a few hours to read or think, most nights…

Anyway, we DID have French Onion Soup Teri-style on Feb 3rd.  I ended up having to find a jar of mystery broth (likely turkey) to thin out my onions, there wasn’t enough of the current chicken broth to make it soupy.  The crock pot, on its own, turned those white-white-white onions into caramelized almost black onion goodness.  I did a grocery store run to buy soft white bread (decadent) and lucked out in seeing some beloved friends ===folk I miss terribly, we used to have dinners once every two months, now we barely see each other.   A dinner is planned.  Lovely to see them.

Got some swiss cheese (Canadian version – much less expensive) for Pablo and #1 and #2 sons) as well.  Came home, did some research, toasted the bread, filled the bowls with hot onion soup, put toast on top, cheese on top and then broiled.   The soup and bready/cheese was delish.

I had purchased some tortilini on SERIOUS discount a few days ago, so cooked those up as well. I reduced a couple of jars of my tomato sauce on the stove, then I remembered a jar of alfredo sauce that was just over date limit.  I heated that too.  Dinner was french onion soup and tortilini with your choice of sauce.  Funny, that – the Alfredo was the choice (and afterwards we likely all regreted it, not really that good)….

This gives us some onion soup for tonight, if we wish, and some reduced tomato sauce (and I have black beans in a jar that did wierd things when I was pressure canning – so we may have Chili tonight, or spaghetti)



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