Feb 5th and 6th

The onion soup made a great start for a black (and other) bean chili.  Earlier in the week, I had pressure canned some beans and one jar had cracked – it still was sealed, but the base of the jar was cracked.
I decided to put it in the fridge to wait for a chili night.  There also were some remainder beans that hadn’t fit into the pressure canners, waiting in a fridge downstairs.  I put those beans and some water into one of our smaller pressure cookers and cooked down for 40 minutes or so.  Meanwhile, I pulled up a jar of tomato sauce, and one of rotel, and a jar of our celery, opened the jar of black beans, and chopped up some carrots.  found some chili powder and garlic powder and added a good cup and a half of the caramelized onions.  put it on low once it had boiled, and added the pressure cooked beans once they were done and de-pressurized.   Found 3 cups of frozen corn from last summer – put two cups into the chili and saved the remainder for the cornmeal muffins.

Made my mom’s johnnycake recipe with the usual twists – I prefer to use yogurt or crema to milk, and add chili powder.  The frozen corn was mixed with the dry ingredients and the oil and egg etc was measured.  #2 son was coming home before work on Friday, I didn’t know when I needed to feed him but knew it would be an early dinner.  in the end, we had eaten by 4:30 and he was at work at 4:45 – and I was in bed by 5:30 …. too many things on my list to do and not enough sleep.  #1 son got #2 when his shift was done.

On Saturday the 6th #1 got up early and drove the van to a friend’s house.  They filled the van with people, and a bike, and #1 succeeded in getting himself to Victoria, my friend had a Van big enough to provide the ride, and it was a win-win.   Mr. P. took a lamb roast out of the freezer and put it to thaw, we have invited the loft couple for dinner as they will eat lamb (Miz M. and I will not).   Mr. P. also succeeded in fixing his barbeque, as Lamb may not be cooked within my house without marital strife.  (not opposed to lamb for any emotional reason, just can’t be near it when it cooks without wanting to throw up).

Loft kids came over and we had a very joyous dinner of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, roasted potatoes (two ways), cheese, chili, lamb, cabbage and carrot salad – and laughter. Was a good nigh.  Not too much lamb leftover for Mr. P’s dinner tonight, I will do something creative with the chili, most of the johnnycake (cornbread) muffins are gone (well, ONE is left)  and so the fridge is a bit emptier.  I did bring up some corn salsa and pickled beans, they were delicious.   the shelves still groan and yet every day of 2 or 3 jars less is a good day!!!!



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