Feb 7th part one

started some bread dough.   Added turmeric as per #1 son.  and some sunflower seed, some pumpkin seed, some oats and onion and herbs and poppy seed.  dig through the pantry and find leftover this and that.  add it.  let it rise.  take a nap.  Form two big loaves and a lot of small buns (rolls, if you are my american friends).  let them rise for MUCH longer than the recipes say..    Wrap the buns/rolls around cheese to make life even better on a holiday monday.   wait wait wait.   reset the timer.  double the projected rising time.  then add another half hour.  not quite ready to cook but feeling good about the wait.  hungry, but good….


ANDDD then I read all these totally full of themselves posts about heating ovens and getting things pre heated and I laugh.  sorry … the buns wrapped around cheese are in the oven ( I DID preheat) and the two loaves wait until there is room.  this mamby pamby heat and spray and spray andheat and stand on your head bread cooking – not a fan







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