Feb 26th… how did that happen

Well, it has been a month of folk unwell, leftovers, company, and  a turkey dispatch (sob).  We’ve been through a few nasty bugs which reduced the use of pantry, as well as kept some folk from school and work.  a general overview of things eaten out of the shelves:  Garbanzo beans spiced and toasted in the oven for snacks.  Tomato sauces and Rotel reduced for spaghetti sauce.   Prawns from the freezer with homemade Thai chili sauce (YUMMEEE) and rice.   More rice – brown jasmine – Miz M likes that.  Stirfry veggies in quantites with either rice or noodles.  Mr. P has eaten some lamb and some rabbit from the freezer.  we pressure cooked a chicken and used it in a few mixed meals.  I think I am going to miss baked chicken, though.   Enjoyed some cheeses with various meals.  Were gifted with a super stinky sourdough and have had numerous breads, those are popular!!!.   Marmelade was made with the February oranges… finally, I got it to set.  first try had it runny in the jars, I rewashed the lids, reboiled the marmelade and now it is a beautiful set with that lovely bitter marmelade flavour.  pretty awesome with the sourdough bread, if I do say so myself.

There is sliced cabbage and carrot slaw – no dressing – in the fridge downstairs.  making this ahead of time and not dressing it means it lasts for at least a week, and means we can choose the dressing we prefer.  Cabbage is inexpensive these days.  we have some chinese style cabbage and recipes, I need to find the courage to try Kimchi….  Loft people have made some that is delicious, so it has to be possible….

I have chosen to not purchase pre-made dried cereals for the kids, yet have taught Miz M. how to make oatmeal.  I suspect her sugar intake equals that from the packaged cereals, however I know that our dollar outflow for cereal has dropped by 75%.   She is content to make a bowl of oatmeal with sugar and milk – I know that the ingredients are better and the cost is much lower. Took me a long time to find a ‘junk food’ that she could make for herself.

Today, we have to make more sourdough – that is almost a 24 hour job, so am going to make a double batch and freeze half of it.   try the kimchi and perhaps something else yummy.  we are booked for a dinner out tonight and the kids need something healthy to eat…..





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