Feb 27th

Dinner last night at the Community Supported Restaurant?  Beyond awesome.  I never can eat it all so we conspire to put half of the first and maincoursese into a take home, Mr. N. thinks that this is awesome.  Before dinner I went to the grocery to get milk and crackers, got some sales items and few hugs.  Hotdogs for 97 cents for 4….  friends I haven’t seen for a while.   milk and some other basics… classic shopping.    N and M had hotdogs for supper, and were quite content.  Mr. P and I had fish cakes, Duck confit and a Panna cotta for supper – also quite content.  Actually,  I think I raved a bit more than was particularly polite… and MAN IT WAS A GOOD MEAL.   Got home and started the 24 hour sourdough.  At 4 when I was awake I put it into pans.   Placed into a cold oven at 9 this morning and let it oven proof as the oven warmed = with a bit of milk spread on top to give colour.  One loaf is out, the other in the oven.  yum….

there is marmelade on the counter waiting to be labeled and taken downstairs.   Fridge has lots of winter veggies so we will have stirfry tonight.  life is good!




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