March 11th and little has been cooked

the smoked salmon was enjoyed with my loft tenants  – they came over to pay rent and we ate fresh bread and smoked salmon.  I think I was wanting dryer smoked, however it was delicious and moist and not too smoky.  Fresh bread and butter and salmon?  YUM.

The smoked chicken, however, is another matter.  Oversmoked (small pieces is the issue) and tough (roosters is the issue).  I did take some to work on Monday with a sweet chili sauce and some rice.  Chewing on rubber bands, it was.  disappointing.  I put the remaining chicken into a pressure cooker and cooked them for 30 minutes, we tried them on the 10th (I pulled the meat off the bones) but it wasn’t a real success.  I think I would prefer, in future, to smoke a younger bird whole, then pressure cook it for at least 40 or more minutes to get it tender….  the issue with raising our own heritage roosters is that they have to grow for so long they get really tough..

#1 Son is here right now, and for dinner on the 9th we had macaroni and cheese for #1 daughter, and bunny for #1 son and Mr. P. and a big spicy stirfry.  I have a  plethora of cabbagy things in the fridge so #1 Son chopped and spiced.   Daughter not a fan of spicy, however she did eat some Macaroni and also high-graded the broccoli from the stirfry.   Bit of a challenge to have a spice lover visting and have a bland eater living here, how many options do we create?

Planning our holiday trip – we are going to take up mostly pantry items, just need to co-ordinate so I am packed when I want to leave.   got some lists together.  I would like to make another couple of loaves of bread, it is popular and tasty and easy and – for me – really satisfying to make….  I do have some in the freezers but want to take some fresh, as well..   Making bread is a simple pleasure for me.

Have to feed the current sourdough, I have two batches on the counter with a lot of ‘liquor’ on top,  they should be reduced and then fed.  maybe I will make a sourdough flavoured but yeast fed bread so I get the bread faster and don’t waste the sourdough.  off to research.





Good heavens, it is March 6

ok, so we ate out, errrr  a week ago. And.. well, there has been a lot of sourdough bread baked, today I made a lovely Milk based bread from my beloved Laurel’s kitchen bread book – if I can get sourdough to pop, I certainly can get regular yeast bread to pop.  It was an early start for the bread, rose, shaped, placed in pans.  then I went for a LONNNNNNGGGGGG nap.  Came down to find bread all over the place.  I tore it out of the pans, and reshaped it, and let it rise, and put it into a coolish oven to oven proof as the oven came to heat.  ended up with REALLY PRETTY loaves risen over 2/3 above the edges – soft and lovely bread.  wiped it all over with butter and wrapped in cloth to cool. Awesome bread.
Today was also the smoking day.  yesterday we thawed a couple of roosters and three salmon.  Pablo filleted the salmon and I chopped the birds – I froze the breasts, again, and took out a package of rooster wings.   We brined all of the fillets and rooster bits, this morning they were set out to dry and Pablo smoked them in our smoker.  The salmon is now back in the freezer – smoked and portioned.  the chicken – well, some went into the oven to finish cooking, and some was mixed with chili sauce to cook as wings…

We have eaten rice, and cabbage, and eggs.  a mish-mash.  more to come.