Sweet Maggie’s Pantry Living

What is the purpose of this blog?

This process got started during the Christmas/ New Year Holiday, 2015.

Number 1 son and New Daughter came early, to Sweet Maggie’ Farm,  for the holiday. Their gift to me?  Hours and hours of the kind of sort-and-tidy that this old farmhouse has needed since we crammed ourselves in during the rushed move, three years ago.
A Messy set of canning shelves in the old basement, a messy set of shelves in the laundry room/pantry.  Shelves of cooking pots and machines.  Corners in a JunkRoom that needed clearing so we could set up a temporary bed for Gran.  We haven’t even begun to look in the freezers and fridges yet, but the clearing and sorting has been awesome.

Another summer season of harvest preserves and a few epic ‘help by hiding’ moves by various visitors has lead to a chaotic supply of unorganized foodstuff – dried, frozen, canned, purchased, preserved, collected, raised, CSF’d, collected….

The time has come to address the ‘hording aspect’ of our pantries, and to make a focussed commitment to not only eat local, but eat from within our Farm and supplies.

Who knows how we will do, eh?  The only way to see is to Do.  As I wish to record what we do, in order to give myself a focussed task, I have taken on the challenge of Number 1 son to blog it.  Without goals, why skate with a puck?  Without goals, we drift or delay.

My Goal is to eat from the pantry (and the Farm, once summer comes) most days of the week.  It is possible, and will be easier now that we can see what we have…

Wish us luck!



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